Platinum is an extremely rare metal and very few others can match it and its quality and value. These are highly durable silver in color. The exceptional quality and extreme rarity associated with the platinum metal makes this highly expensive. Those looking for a sound financial investment can never go wrong with this type of jewellery.

Platinum jewellery

Since mid-20th century fine jewellery making with platinum has become quite popular. Nowadays it is used for designing brooches, Rings, earrings, and more. Also, it is a tough and hard metal, so ideally suited for regular use. So, what's so rare about platinum jewellery? Extreme labour goes into extracting small platinum amounts making it as high as 30 x rarer to gold. Such jewellery is 95% pure since this metal is naturally hard and doesn't require impurities as gold for making it amenable for jewellery design. Being quite lustrous, it will retain its color forever. Other features associated with the precious metal include,

  • Hypoallergenic so ideal for sensitive skin
  • Resistant to scratching, bending, or shape changes

No wonder, many people still consider it as a metal fit for the King!

Tips for purchasing platinum

When you're out to purchase platinum jewellery, consider the following.

  • Pt950 hallmark is the stamp of quality for Platinum, so look for it during purchase.
  • This hallmark denotes tamperproof and 95% purity.
  • Look for card denoting Quality Assurance and an Identification Unique Number
  • This number remains stamped upon the jewellery
  • Purchase platinum from only highly reputable jewellers as Diamondmela

Those were looking for jewellery purchase for keeps can never go wrong with platinum. So make your choice and impress the one you love!