When it comes to precious metals, gold, no doubt, is one of the most popular and loved ones around. Gold ornaments are your hedge against falling markets and inflation. Also, you will be able to liquidate this precious metal quite easily all across the globe. For us gold symbolizes prosperity, opulence, and purity. However, when it comes to purchasing gold it is important to take care of certain factors to ensure the best deals and complete resale value.

Some of the main factors associated with gold determine its price and value are GRAM WEIGHT, and PURITY.

Gold Karat

Carat of gold as indicated by the marking present on it, determines the level of its purity. However, it is important to know that pure gold is too soft. This makes it unsuitable for jewelry. Naturally, jewelers need to mix in some kind of alloy as Silver, Nickel, Zinc, or Copper. This imparts durability and strength to gold and makes it suitable for creating fine attractive pieces. Most common Karat options available to the buyers are 14k, 18k, 22k, and 24k. Higher numbers in this case denotes higher purity of the gold used in designs.

Gold Color

Many variations of gold are available to the buyers. Besides, the ubiquitous yellow gold variety. Nowadays, buyers can also choose Rose Gold or White Gold ornaments. If you prefer color mixes, then two-tone and three stone selections that look stunning are also available at Diamondmela! Diverse palettes can be obtained by mixing gold with different metals. White Gold is created by mixing palladium or silver with yellow gold. Nowadays, white gold wedding bands have become extremely popular.

Copper inclusion with yellow gold gives it a pink tinge the Rose Gold. Nowadays, however, designers are experimenting with all kinds of available colours such as Black, Green, or Purple Gold. In spite of all these experimentations going on one cannot deny the universal attraction for the traditional yellow gold, which is subtle, warm, and rich.

Gold Prices

Prices of gold jewellery are determined by the purity of metallic gold used in it. How much alloy has been added in a particular design? How much labor and skill has gone into making that stunning piece! Making charges will depend upon the latter adding to the overall prices of the gold jewellery.

Identification of gold

In most countries, clear stamp related to the cartage of gold used is crucial as per regulations. Hallmarking systems generally control gold identification with branded jewellers presenting the jewellery stamp themselves. This involves the particular identification mark of the brand along with associated fineness or carat. BIS hallmarking in keeping with the 1972, Vienna Convention is prevalent in India and it grants jewellery licenses.


Platinum is an extremely rare metal and very few others can match it and its quality and value. These are highly durable and silver in color. The exceptional quality and extreme rarity associated with the platinum metal makes this highly expensive. Those looking for a sound financial investment can never go wrong with this type of jewellery.

Platinum jewellery

Since mid-20th century fine jewellery making with platinum has become quite popular. Nowadays it is used for designing brooches, Rings, earrings, and more. Also, it is a tough and hard metal, so ideally suited for regular use. So, what's so rare about platinum jewellery? Extreme labour goes into extracting small platinum amounts making it as high as 30 x rarer to gold. Such jewellery is 95% pure since this metal is naturally hard and doesn't require impurities as gold for making it amenable for jewellery design. Being quite lustrous, it will retain its color forever. Other features associated with the precious metal include,

  • Hypoallergenic so ideal for sensitive skin
  • Resistant to scratching, bending, or shape changes

No wonder, many people still consider it as a metal fit for the King!

Tips for purchasing platinum

When you're out to purchase platinum jewellery, consider the following.

  • Pt950 hallmark is the stamp of quality for Platinum, so look for it during purchase.
  • This hallmark denotes tamperproof and 95% purity.
  • Look for card denoting Quality Assurance and an Identification Unique Number
  • This number remains stamped upon the jewellery
  • Purchase platinum from only highly reputable jewellers as Diamondmela

Those were looking for jewellery purchase for keeps can never go wrong with platinum. So make your choice and impress the one you love!