Add Instant Elegance to Any Outfit That You May Be Wearing with Dazzling Diamond Earrings from Diamondmela!

One of the most commonly worn accessories with the all kinds of dresses is of course the diamond earrings. These can be of various types and styles purchased based upon the preference of the buyers. Right earrings can transform your appearance and make you feel feminine and sexy. You can combine these with both Western outfits as well as ethnic attire for bringing out the best effects.Some of the diamond earring types commonly available are as follows.

  • Studs: People wear this close to their ear and these contains stems which you need to push within the ear pinna hole. Removable backings keep them in place. Many of these are threaded or come with screw type backing. Others contain push-up clips to secure them.
  • Drop Earrings: Drop earrings drop to just below ear lobes of the wearer. These come mostly with wire hooks as well as ornamental pieces and from them the diamond drops. Versatile in design, drop earrings are suitable for all ages.
  • Hoops: Hoops generally resemble rings and can be either semicircular or circular in shape. These come with tube type backings attaching one part of the circle with the other. Another name for it is latch or saddle backing. In designs where the complete circle remains incomplete, designers use regular backings, which one comes across in stud designs. A hoop earring allows the wearer to instantly enhance their look. Diamond hoops are an essential jewellery piece for different occasions. Diamondmela offers wide range of diamond hoop designs that attract attention effortlessly!
  • Danglers: Danglers will hang from ears and hence have the name. Their length can be simply 1 cm or these can be so long that they reach your shoulders. These come with metallic small studs with push on, hooks, or screw threaded back for attaching to your ear.
  • Huggies: As the name suggests, this kind of earrings are designed in such a way that they remain hugging your ear. These remain encircling the ear beautifully and popularly available in varied sizes and shapes.

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