CONTEMPORARY and TIMELESS Diamondmela bangles appeals to your feminine self instantly! We have a wide range of selections in different styles, designs and patterns to suit your requirement. While diamond bracelets are more suited to formal occasions, you can wear bangles daily. These ideal casual wear options go well with all kinds of outfits.

Available in wave patterns or floral designs these are created using White Gold, Yellow Gold, or Rose Gold to reflect the dazzling beauty of these precious stones optimally.

We are proud to present the finest diamond bangles collection to our customers handpicked to meet you requirements in the terms of budget and design...

Our wide range of selections include,

        Single Line Bangles
        Broad Bangles
       √ Oval Bangles
       √ Gemstone Bangles

When you want to accessorize your outfit, the classic or elegant way, what can be better than unique Diamond bangles? Now, Diamondmela gives you all the right reasons to indulge your desires and choose high quality bangles with certified diamonds for complete peace of mind. Wear these bangles singly or in a bunch to create a style statement like no other.

Shopping for diamond bangles with us signify,

  • Expansive Designs
  • Certified Diamonds
  • Guaranteed Quality
  • Affordable Purchase

No wonder, once you shop with us, you're not going to go anywhere else ever again! The lure of beautiful diamonds is eternal and now you can flaunt their timeless appeal proudly on your wrists.... Visit us to know why our collection is special!

Round Bangles

When you want a single piece of jewelry to reflect class, elegance, and opulence rolled into one, search no further than our fantastic collections. These are great combinations with both formal wear and traditional, ethnic attire, bringing out the beauty and adding to the overall charm of your dress up whatever the occasion.

What's more, there's no more need to go out and purchase the Diamond bangles because everything you need is available at our store online! Browse jewelry pieces from the comfort and safety of your home and order from our website. Broad bangles may use,

        Small size diamonds
        Big size diamonds
        Diamonds with other gemstones
        Different kinds of diamond setting
         Different precious metals

All kinds of choices and combinations are available with us and all you need to do is to state your wish…

Oval Bangles

If you are among those who prefer the oval shape to round bangles then Diamondmela has that perfect oval jewelry piece waiting for you, studded with diamonds and different gemstones.

These may contain a single big stone in the centre that dazzles everywhere you go or use multiple stones in design to make it highly attractive. Whatever it is, we have exactly what you need in keeping with your preference and budget at our online store.

Oval bangles feature,

  • • Certified diamonds
  • • Alluring designs
  • • Numerous patterns
  • • Diamonds and other gemstones
  • • Amazing price tags
Single Line Bangles

It is difficult to ignore the allure of Single Line Bangles especially when we give you more than one reason to indulge in your love for diamonds at Diamondmela!

Diamondmela is in the business of spreading joy and happiness with the timeless beauty of diamond that never loses its luster! So, are you ready to make a difference in your life or someone close to you? Look no further than our unique jewelry collection!

Contact our experts today to find right jewelry piece for yourself!