Jewellery Care

How to Care for Diamonds

In spite of being the hardest substance on earth, diamonds need regular care for keeping them brilliant and dazzling, forever. Constantly wearing them may lead to accumulation of grime or dust, dullness, and scratches. Worse may happen when the stones come out lose from their setting!

You can prevent all this........

Daily Care for Diamonds

Diamonds need care to keep them bright and shining for times to come.

A. Protection from Chlorine: Chlorine as well as other chemicals not only damages the stone, but also the setting. Prolonged exposure for example, in swimming pool leads to dullness and it eats inside gold setting. Similarly, chemicals and detergents related to cleaning and washing is also damaging to the diamond ring and so is the lotions, soaps, and oils that leave behind traces. So leave behind your ring before a dip in the pool and replace your chemical rich soaps with eco-friendly varieties.

B. Protection from rough use: Garden work leads to accumulation of grime and dirt on the rings. Do not bang your jewellery against different surfaces, which is quite common during regular household work. So either remove them or wear gloves when doing such chores. 

Proper Cleaning of Diamonds

It is possible to clean your diamond jewellery to bring the sparkle back and remove accumulated grime and dirt successfully. You require soft brush, strainer, toothpick, soft lint-free cloth, and strainer. Create sudsy, warm solution using mild detergent. Leave jewellery inside for some minutes now take it out to create a lather, scrub gently using the brush. Now, place it in the strainer, use warm water for rinsing. Once clean pat with dry cloth.

Alternatively, one can also use cold bath, ammonia solution, or ultrasonic cleaning methods for bringing the dazzle back. Taking to your jeweller is of course a very good option.

Proper Storing & Periodic Checkup

Store your diamond jewellery when not wearing in assigned cases of keeping them safe. Otherwise, wrap each one separately in tissue papers for keeping inside plain box. It is important to make sure that they do not rub with each other.

Annual or bi-annual checkups with the jeweller are always a good idea. Contact us to know more about keeping your diamond jewellery in top shape at all times!


Diamond jewellery for many of us are one of our most prized possessions, especially when it is a wedding or an engagement ring. Keep this eternal symbol of LOVE, ROMANCE, and TOGETHERNESS shining bright forever through regular and most importantly proper polishing!