Diamond Shapes:

Numerous diamond shapes are available from the brilliant Marquise Cut to Heart-Shaped romantic cuts….the most popular shape is Round Brilliant with its spectacular radiance! If it's not for you, don't worry because numerous other options are available at your favorite diamond store online Diamondmela!

Here below are 10 popular shapes for you to choose from.

1. Round Cut: Do you know 75% of diamonds sold belong to this shape? It seems natural when one considers that this shape is the brightest of them all. Containing 58 facets, 57 minus culet, clarity varies significantly right from presence of visible inclusion to technically flawless stones.

2. Oval Shape: Oval shape is modified brilliant-cut diamond with brilliance and fire similar to the round variety. The elongated shape makes them seem larger than actual. The oval is an ideal choice for a customer who likes the look of a round diamond, but wants something more unique. The slender shape can also make the finger of the wearer appear longer and slimmer, an effect often desired. It shows bowtie effects ranging from invisible to somewhat severe.

3. Princess Cut:A fancy shape developed in 1980, Princess Cut contains a pyramid 4-sided shape. Traditionally these are square cut . Like round cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds are a good choice for their flexibility in working in almost any style of ring. Its brilliance and fire comes quite close to the round shapes. Clarity grade may vary from presence of visible inclusion to technically flawless stones.

4. Marquise Shape: These are modified brilliant cut diamond having one of the largest crown surface areas of any diamond shape, making it a good choice when trying to maximize the perceived size of a diamond. Being narrow and long these look bigger than their actual size. Bowtie effects are visible in the stone from invisible-severe. It is important to consider the symmetry of the stone during purchase.

5. Cushion Shape: This square stone have rounded corners and appears like a pillow, hence the name. These return chunky patterns of light and an enlarged culet give it a distinctive appearance. Brilliance is less than round shape but often times the stones come with better fire. Available in square or rectangular shape, its clarity varies.

6. Pear Shape: Combination of marquise and round shape these stones have tapered ends. Available in wide to slim cuts it contains excellent-very good symmetry. Bowtie effect is present to some degree from invisible-severe.

7. Emerald Shape: Its pavilions show step cut giving it a unique shape. These produce hall-of-mirrors effect due to interplay of dark and light planes. Their elegant appeal is due to presence of dramatic light flashes and long lines. Cut varies from square to narrow rectangle and clarity varies from presence of visible inclusion to technically flawless stones.

8. Heart Shaped: A beautiful and fancy shape popular with lovers these stones come in different silhouettes ranging from narrow-fat. For pendant setting buyers go for narrower cut of the diamonds and wider cut for Solitaire Ring design. Clarity ranges from very slight inclusion to technically flawless stones.

9. Asscher Cut: Similar to emerald cut with square shape these have large step facets and more brilliance compared to emerald varieties. These have cropped corners giving it an octagonal shape in square stones.

10. Radiant Shape: It has brilliant cut facets applied to pavilion and crown leading to a vibrant square diamond. Bowtie effect is more prominent in rectangular stones from invisible-severe. Clarity ranges from very slight inclusion to technically flawless stones.