International Gemological Institute (IGI) is the independent largest laboratory providing fine jewelry and diamond grading with evaluations. This is perhaps the only internationally recognized certification laboratory of its kind that is controlled and owned by a single governing central body. It ensures complete consistency of grading reports from the lab on a worldwide basis.

IGI has locations across the globe in such places as Mumbai, Hong Kong, Antwerp, Tokyo, Tel Aviv, New York, Toronto, Bangkok, Dubai, Cavalese, and Los Angeles. Annually, it issues a staggering number of reports presently numbering around 1 million+. These reports are quite comprehensive, presenting reports related to colored stones, diamond grading, appraisers, and identification reports. Besides this, it also gives the attestation related to the origin of the specific diamond as well as its authentication.

Reports from International Gemological Institute are relied upon by thousands of retail stores, jewellers, online sales organisation, insurance companies, and mail-order catalogue companies. Besides this, consumers worldwide, with numerous securities and accounting firms also rely upon these detailed reports for decision making every day.