Jewellery Buying Guide

Ring Buying Guide

While engagement rings and wedding rings have, their very own significance diamond rings in general are today for every season and every reason. You can give them for every occasion to make it special and memorable for both you and the receiver.

The perfect ring size

Ring size naturally is dependent upon the size of the finger and you should take accurate measurements before making the purchase. This will ensure the best fit with the rings complementing the beautiful and slender fingers. Mainly, the size of your knuckle matter much and people with larger knuckles should wear loose rings and vice versa. It is extremely crucial to get the right size from the first because resetting it becomes quite difficult. Ideally, take an older ring for reference. To know your rings size click on this link

How to choose the best ring for your requirement

When it comes to picking up the rings for engagement or wedding, good idea would be to make a joint decision and go for purchase together. This way, making the right choices becomes easy. Even then, some of the common considerations during ring purchase can be as follows.

  • Your budget: Choice of the ring, its design, the size of stone, number of stones used, and precious metal type everything will depend upon how much you are ready to spend. Based on that you can choose both the gemstone and the setting as well.
  • Receiver preference: The stone color, setting, sparkle, favourite gemstone, and favourite metal choice of everything depends upon the receiver preference. You can get a good idea from the current ring that she's wearing.
  • Bespoke rings: You can always add a personal touch to your ring purchase through customized designs that suit your style and preference. These may be more expensive than the predesigned varieties, but every penny will be well spent.

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Earrings Buying Guide

Are you looking for beautiful earrings to gift to someone close to your heart? This is a fantastic idea, but you should know how to make the correct choices for making the best impressions. The first consideration when choosing those perfect earrings is of course FACE TYPE!

The best way to know about the face type is to stand in front of a mirror and use a lipstick for creating an outline of the face. Based on that now you can select the earring pieces, which will suit just perfect. Lovely earrings that complement the face type enhance the appearance and help create a style statement of your very own.

While face types can be a combination of more than one type, some most easily recognized ones are as follows.

The Round Face

The round face is wide at cheekbones, also known as BABY FACE because of the soft lines associated with this face type. When you are choosing the appropriate earrings for a round face, always try to go for long danglers. Danglers will take away the focus from dramatic cheekbones, the main feature of such faces. Diamond earrings, oval earrings, or square shaped ones are also quite popular with these face types.

The Square Face

Proportionate in length and width Square faces are characterised by a strong line of jaw and wide forehead. In order to balance them appropriately go for round oversized earrings, danglers, or large drops.

The Oval Face

Narrow at chain and wide at forehead, the oval face is also known as the long face. In women, it is often considered as the ideal type of face as it can carry of all kinds of earrings with aplomb. Choose anything, from studs to danglers and you simply cannot go wrong.

The Rectangle Face

Rectangular face type comes with prominent, large foreheads, often the most dominant of the features. Another name for it is the Oblong Face for such long faces, so you should avoid long earrings at all costs. Instead, try to purchase earrings that will accentuate cheekbones taking away the focus from facial length. This includes small drop earrings or studs.

The Diamond Face

Besides the various types of earrings available in the market such as the danglers, drops, hoops, studs, also look at the fastener types associated. Post Friction Nut, Lever back, Screw Back, and Swivel or omega Post are some of the available variations. When purchasing earring make sure that, the fasteners are effective so that they do not fall off accidentally.

Besides the various types of earrings available in the market such as the danglers, drops, hoops, studs, chandelier, Briolette, also look at the fastener types associated. Post Friction Nut, Lever back, Screw Back, and Swivel Post are some of the available variations. When purchasing earring make sure that, the fasteners are effective so that they do not fall off accidentally.

Pendants Buying Guide

Make an exclusive style statement with designer pendants. It can enhance the appearance instantly and allows you to finish off any outfit with style. When you want to give a special gift, go for an ideal pendant for best impressions. Turn gifting into lifelong memory with such stunning choices.

Pendants and chains go together so the emphasis that you give to the choice of one should be given to the other too. Longer chains are the best choices for closed necklines whereas longer necklines can be flaunted beautifully with shorter chains. Based upon the pendant design and the associated dazzle one can choose this to wear on a regular basis or for special occasions.

Once you have made your choice regarding the chain to wear with your pendant, it's time to buy the actual piece that complements it beautifully. Diamond pendants can add the stunning element to any attire that you choose to wear. These can add a casual elegance with its simplicity or dramatic enough to make your eveningwear special. Diamond pendants can also signify religious connotations or symbolism. Hearts, initials, or other designs come with deep meanings.

A. Solitaire Pendants: Do you know which the simplest available pendants are? Those that sport a spectacular single gemstone represent a mute elegance. These can be either simple or showy. Prong mounting will highlight the game itself, while showing very little of the surrounding metal. Bezel setting comes with a thin metal encircling the diamond in contemporary smooth style. Ideally go for diamonds with good cut and clarity to ensure that it shines.

B. Journey Pendants: Journey pendants and three stone varieties have symbolic meanings. Three stone pendants signify the past, the present and the future representing a romantic journey. Journey pendant represent the part of life with a carving diamond row and gradually increasing sizes. It says that the best in life is yet to come.

C. Cluster Pendants: As the name indicates, it contains smaller stones grouped together for a dazzling effect. These can have geometric or fanciful shape as well as the regular pear, oval, or round shapes to resemble diamonds of those varieties.

Express faith and love with fantastic style statement to boot with unique diamond pendants. This is something no girl will be able to ignore!

Bangle Buying Guide

Bangles are among the oldest jewelry forms and you need to slip them onto the wrist. There are two types of bangles, one with lock and one without lock. You can wear the beautiful diamond bangles as a single piece or in a cluster, as desired. The diamonds and gemstones are set in a metal base made from gold or platinum. The higher the number of stones used in the design more will be the cost. When purchasing a diamond bangle, you need to consider your budget, the quality of the stone used, and the type of metal used in design.

Step1: Determine the quality of the diamond used in design based upon the 4Cs – Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat. Based on these factors the price of the bangle will vary!

Step 2: Determine the size requirement. It is important to ensure that the bangle you purchase fits perfectly on your wrist. Otherwise, you will have to consider resizing, signifying additional costs. If it’s too tight, you will find it difficult to wear, and if too large, there is always a chance of it falling off. So, take accurate wrist measurements before the purchase. For this, use a tape measure across the widest region of your hand, and the wrist too.To Know your bangle size click on this link.

Based on these pointers, you can begin your selection of the diamond bangles at Diamondmela.

After purchase, caring for your diamond bangle is important too. Preserve the appearance of your bangle and protect the stones from damage by taking good care. Do not store them with other ornaments and take them for professional cleaning, periodically.

If you have any questions on the selection or purchase of diamond bangles, do not hesitate to contact our experts. We will help you in every step, right from the selection to purchase in keeping with your exact needs.

Bracelet Buying Guide

Do you know which jewelry piece is easiest to wear? A diamond bracelet adds glamour to any attire, be it ethnic or western!

For purchasing a diamond bracelet, you must consider,

  • Diamond Quality
  • Bracelet Size
Diamond Quality

When you're purchasing a diamond bracelet the quality of the diamonds used in the design is extremely important. Let the 4Cs, namely – Cut, Clarity, Carat, and Color guide you in the right direction. Always invest in a certified diamond to remain safe.

Bracelet Size

People having slender wrists and arms should consider wearing chunky cuffs or bracelets for highlight. Similarly, for bigger boned wrists and arms wired styles are the best, as they give a slimmer appearance.

What is your wrist size? Your bracelet should be such that it doesn't get in the way or slips off your wrist.

Bracelet Types
  • Tennis Bracelets: These are thin in-line bracelets featuring symmetrical diamond patterns.
  • Link Bracelets: Designers use similar, varying components or jewelry findings, diamonds,gemstones and metals as links for creating such bracelets.

Numerous bracelet choices are available at Diamondmela, so go ahead make and your selection! If in a dilemma on the jewelry choices contact our experts!