Jewellery Buying Guide

Earrings Buying Guide

Are you looking for beautiful earrings to gift to someone close to your heart? This is a fantastic idea, but you should know how to make the correct choices for making the best impressions. The first consideration when choosing those perfect earrings is of course FACE TYPE!

The best way to know about the face type is to stand in front of a mirror and use a lipstick for creating an outline of the face. Based on that now you can select the earring pieces, which will suit just perfect. Lovely earrings that complement the face type enhance the appearance and help create a style statement of your very own.

While face types can be a combination of more than one type, some most easily recognized ones are as follows.

The Round Face

The round face is wide at cheekbones, also known as BABY FACE because of the soft lines associated with this face type. When you are choosing the appropriate earrings for a round face, always try to go for long danglers. Danglers will take away the focus from dramatic cheekbones, the main feature of such faces. Diamond earrings, oval earrings, or square shaped ones are also quite popular with these face types.

The Square Face

Proportionate in length and width Square faces are characterised by a strong line of jaw and wide forehead. In order to balance them appropriately go for round oversized earrings, danglers, or large drops.

The Oval Face

Narrow at chain and wide at forehead, the oval face is also known as the long face. In women, it is often considered as the ideal type of face as it can carry of all kinds of earrings with aplomb. Choose anything, from studs to danglers and you simply cannot go wrong.

The Rectangle Face Rectangular face type comes with prominent, large foreheads, often the most dominant of the features. Another name for it is the Oblong Face for such long faces, so you should avoid long earrings at all costs. Instead, try to purchase earrings that will accentuate cheekbones taking away the focus from facial length. This includes chandelier or small drop earrings. The Diamond Face

This type of face is similar to Round or Oval variety with cheekbones being the most prominent facial character becoming narrower towards the chin. On this, another versatile face type all the kinds of earrings suit easily, so make your choices minus any worries.

Besides the various types of earrings available in the market such as the danglers, drops, hoops, studs, also look at the fastener types associated. Post Friction Nut, Lever back, Screw Back, and Swivel or omega Post are some of the available variations. When purchasing earring make sure that, the fasteners are effective so that they do not fall off accidentally.