Diamond Buying Guide

Diamonds are sophisticated and classic stones, which can complement your personality and the outfits that you wear. Whether you want to present a beautiful stone to someone you love, or make your personal purchase knowing how to choose the best ones is important. After all, a good quality diamond is an asset above everything else. In general, knowing about 4 measurement standards can help you to pick up the best stones without problems.

These are,

  • CUT

Once you know about them, use criteria as budget and preference for making the purchase.

Know the cuts

Well cut diamonds become distinctive since they catch light effectively. Different types of cuts are available as Ideal Cut for round diamonds, Very Good ones showing excellent proportions, and premium cut signifying fire and brilliance. Good cut stones are another desirable option.

Choose the shapes

While cut determines the price, sparkle, and quality, the shape of diamond is just about taste. It doesn't affect the prices. So you can easily go for Cushion Cut, Emerald Cut, Oval, Marquise, Round Brilliant, Radiant, Princess Cut, Asscher cut, or Heart Shaped as desired.

Consider the carat weight

The larger the diamond more will be its price because bigger stones are quite rare in nature. Certified diamonds with grading reports also mention accurate carat weight right to nearest carat hundredth, in a decimal format.

Understand diamond clarity

Most diamonds come with inclusions. This signifies flaw or traces of minerals as cloudy areas, graining, knots, twinning wisp, needle and feathers. Blemishes are the pits, chips, scratches, nicks, and polish lines. Flawless diamonds are extremely expensive and quite rare.

The diamond color

To naked eye most of these diamonds will appear white yet many times they contain yellow and brown color traces. Clear diamonds naturally are more valuable. Color grading for diamond is from D-Z scale where D is the highest and Z being the lowest. Experts recommend color grades between D-I signifying beautiful shine and highest quality.

Purchase certified diamonds

In order to ensure that you purchased only the best quality diamond go for the certified stones only. Certificates issued from reputable gemological lab as GIA, IGI or established gemologists ensure authenticity. Knowing about the origin of diamond is always a good idea. This prevents you from purchasing conflict diamonds.

Understand your purchase

Before purchasing diamonds from the traditional stores or online, do a background research on the seller. Read feedback ratings and customer reviews whenever possible. In case of shipments, it should be accompanied with proper insurance for peace of mind. Also, when you are purchasing online, make sure that you read the return policy thoroughly.