DiamondMela IMC is an extremely lucrative business platform where people can avail financial opportunity to grow their business. By becoming an Independent Marketing Correspondent (IMC), you just have to dedicate your time and constant efforts to create brand awareness and marketing of our website. By showcasing our mesmerizing collection of diamond jewelry to the customers, you have the opportunity to earn good amount of commissions and bonuses and you can empower your business with high growth prospects.

How DiamondMela IMC works?

DiamondMela IMC is an amazing business model where you can develop your money making business and earn good amount of profits. You can become our independent Marketing Correspondent by visiting our website and filling KYIMC application form. All those people who approach us will be shortlisted on the basis of network, experience and expertise .By simply signing up and filling the application form, you can become our consultant. Our consultants are categorized into Master IMC, Retail IMC and Network IMC. The different categories of marketing correspondents have the flexibility to work at their own convenient timings and can show case our wide collection of GIA and IGI certified diamonds along with the bespoke jewelry options to the customers. You can help the prospective clients to buy the exclusive diamond pieces according to their own preferences and budget. Once you become our representative, you enjoy immense personal as well as financial benefits. The consultant has the flexibility to work as per his own convenience and high level of comfort. You can create awareness among your personal contacts about our DiamondMela platform and facilitates the clients to select the best diamond jewelry designs as per their own needs and budgets. You can enhance your business prospects by simply registering with us.

Develop a real business of your own and earn good amount of money

As an Independent Marketing correspondent, you will help the customers to choose diamond jewelry that matches their personality, desires and most importantly the budget. You can make good amount of money by marketing our exclusive and trendy diamond jewelry items that have been customized according to the latest fashion and the consumer’s preferences. Since diamond jewelry is a high worth investment, the amount of commissions and perks that will be earned by selling it will also be in good numbers. DiamondMela provides you with the lucrative business plan where you can develop a regular source of income for yourself and that too with zero money investment. The bespoke diamond jewelry which is available at the most competitive and affordable price will surely translate to a good amount of sales with high returns at a much faster pace. You will surely be guaranteed good returns for your marketing efforts. Once chosen as a consultant at DiamondMela, you will be send a welcome letter along with the unique identification Code (UIC) and customized designed flyers as the marketing support material.