Diamond is forever as the stone possesses certain unique qualities. The sparking stone has high durability and long life. The precious gemstones are the symbol of wealth, power, love as well as devotion. A diamond stone is considered as a timeless entity as it is a true representation of the endless romance and companionship.

Powerful slogans changed the way people value diamonds

Frances Gerety who is the creator of famous slogan “Diamonds are forever “may or may not have known about the chemistry behind the sparkling stone. After many unsuccessful attempts for the creation of catchy slogan for the diamond company De Beers, Frances Gerety one night scribbled the words “diamond is forever” on the bottom of a picture of honeymoon lovers. And this might be seems to be a simple start but soon this phrase became America’s most famous tagline for advertising diamonds and is still very popular throughout the whole world. In fact it became a highly recognized tagline of the 20th century and was announced as the official slogan of the diamond company De Beers.

Catchy marketing slogan caught the attention of the world

Diamond is the hardest substance known so far .Its unique chemical structure makes it incredibly strong. When its atoms are compressed at high temperature, they are stuck to each other forever. This is the reason why the phrase” diamonds are forever” became the most famous slogan of its time. Even Hollywood is not left behind in promoting this alluring gem with Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell featuring in the popular song “diamonds are girl’s best friend”. This has led to the creation of emotional bond with the diamonds and an eternal desire among people for the precious stone.

Precious stone has high durability and longevity

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