Diamonds no doubt make great investment but one should not make an investment in diamond blindly. You should have knowledge about the worth of an individual diamond piece. Most of the people judge the price of diamond on the basis of carat size but it is not the only criteria to determine the worth of the gemstone. You should have a fair understanding of how diamond jewellery is evaluated, certified and the way it is sold in the market.

Gain understanding about the 4 C’s of diamond

You should gain an understanding of the 4Cs of diamonds. The 4 Cs of diamond is a pioneer way to standardize the grading of the gemstone. The Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) has developed the first and globally accepted standards for the description of the quality of diamond stone. The 4 Cs involves the colour, clarity, cut and the carat weight. The quality of the diamond can be evaluated on the basis of these 4 C parameters


The grading is done from D to Z.D to F includes the colourless grades and from S to Z, the gemstone is in the light colour range.


Diamond has 5 grades in the cut category ranging from excellent to poor .Cut is the crucial aspect of the stone as it determines its brilliance ,how much it will sparkle.

Carat weight

It tells the size of gemstone and this is the important criteria to decide its price. You are going to pay fewer prices for a 0.97 carat weight diamond in comparison to the 1 carat weight.


The clarity parameter of the diamond involves the flawless (the best one) to the included (not so good) .So understanding this aspect of diamond helps you to determine its true worth.

Find out what makes diamond more or less valuable

It is thus more practical to gain a fair understanding about what makes diamond less or more valuable in order to avoid overpaying for the low quality diamond products. The value of stone is also determined by the various types of internal flaws like black spots, line or the crystals. In case the surface of the gemstone has been chipped, its value goes down.

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