Are you not sure about what kind of engagement ring suits your personality? There is nothing like finding out one of its own kind engagement ring that matches your own style. The engagement ring symbolizes your eternal commitment and it is a piece of Jewellery that you are going to wear every day in your life. Picking up your engagement ring is no doubt a big decision and it can sometimes be confusing too. Not only it is likely to be the most crucial Jewellery piece in your entire wardrobe but this is something you are going to wear all the time.

Choose diamond shape and ring design that works best for you

Your engagement ring is a symbol of one of the happiest day of your life. So it is quite crucial that you do research ahead of the time and determine which type of the stone and design works best for you. A round shaped diamond is very popular diamond shape which is quite often chosen for engagement ring.

Round shape diamond ring

People who consider round diamonds for their engagement rings are quite classic and traditional. Even some of the celebrities like Madonna, Barbra Streisand were spotted in round shape diamond rings.

Princess shape diamond ring

Princess diamond is another shape which can be tried for the occasion and this is something which has a traditional appeal yet with a modern style. For all those people who are quite trendy, flirty and lively, this is the perfect jewellery piece. Engagement ring with an emerald diamond looks amazing and it is meant for all those people who are glamorous, confident and stay ahead of times.

Ring with emerald diamond

Emerald diamond gives off the brilliant cut and imparts a confident and an elegant look .You can also try for a square shaped diamond with four round corners and this diamond piece gives an illusion of a pillow and this is the reason why it is known as pillow diamond.

Cushion diamond ring

Wearing an engagement ring with cushion diamond gives off a feeling of elegance along with lot of romance and clarity.

Heart shape diamond ring

Nothing works better than choosing a heart shape diamond for your enjoyment ring and this is the best cut for all those who are hopelessly romantic and believes that love can conquer everything.

Ring with a radiant cut diamond

Radiant is an unusual cut and this can be embedded in the engagement rings and shows the tendency of a women to look for lots of romance and is best for all those people who want to try out something different for the most special day of their lives.

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