There is always lots of cynicism about engagements and wedding events. Along with that also revolves around diamond engagement rings. While engagement rings have been around for many centuries, diamonds are fairly late addition to the custom. Earlier this gemstone was not an easy thing to get. Even precious diamond engagement rings were quite rare. In the late eighteenth century, miners started discovering huge deposits of diamonds and the gemstone started flooding the world markets. It didn’t take long for the diamond merchants to hit on a marketing plan .In the late eighteenth century, several South African miners merged and started controlling the flow of diamonds to the outer world markets.

Buying diamond engagement ring is an age old practice

As diamond became scarcer and valuable stone, its popularity in engagement rings also began to rise. Now diamond is an integral part of the marriage process. While many people think that embedding diamonds in engagement ring is a time honoured tradition but the reality is it is the end result of the excellent marketing plan of the De Beers Company that was rolled out in early nineteenth century.

Diamond is the choice of stone for engagement rings

The slogan “diamond is forever” also played a crucial role in exaggerating the significance of gemstone as an enduring and unbreakable symbol of love. The demand for engagement diamond ring shot up and it has become a symbol of love and is recognized as a valuable asset. Diamond ring is a symbol of luxury and fair investment. Buying diamond engagement ring is an age old practice which has been followed by many cultures throughout the world. Diamond is unquestionably the stone of choice when it comes to choosing the centerpiece for an engagement or a wedding ring.

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