Your diamond jewellery says a lot about your personality

Jewellery is truly considered as a way to express one’s personality .While some people just see it as an accessory, it is much more than that and says a lot about you. You can never get a second chance to make a first impression and jewellery is the most essential part of your wardrobe, Wearing artistic diamond jewellery is more about making a statement and flaunting your personal style.

Shapes of diamonds and what it communicates about you?

Personal diamond jewellery choice says a lot about your personality and several common personality traits have been identified in the people who wear similar designed diamond jewellery

Classic Round Shape

There are various shapes of diamond and each one reveals something different about the person. People who prefer to wear classic round shaped diamond are traditional and somewhat conservative. An engagement ring featuring round shape diamond is a classic choice.

Princess Cut

The one who chooses to wear the princess cut are strong and self-assured. Woman who chooses the sparkling round cut diamond in her ring is classy, elegant and traditional in her choices. The princess diamond has four different squares and is great choice for the engagement rings because of its beauty and versatility. People who prefer to wear the princess cut are more lively, flirty and trendy

Marquise diamond

Marquise diamonds are highly noticeable due to their spherical shapes and it appears larger than their actual size and makes the finger of the wearer look leaner. People who choose this diamond shape are outgoing and at the same time elegant.

Oval Shaped diamond

Oval shaped diamonds are amazingly brilliant and they are highly suited for their use in the solitaires. Those who buy designer jewellery which is carved out of the oval shaped diamond are creative, innovative and quite bold. Everyone at the end of the day wants to wear the diamond jewellery piece that describes who they are. Whether you are flirty, fun loving, traditional or modern, there is perfect diamond shape which is waiting for you.

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