Diamondmela provides one of the widest range of certified diamond jewellery online for its global clientele. The jewellery is a combination of high craftsmanship, unique designs, superior quality, and unbeatable pricing.

The website sells loose diamonds – white as well as colored diamonds in all shapes, all over the world. In the jewellery field we offer a host of products to suit your personality and requirement.


The founders of the company are diamond traders and manufacturers of jewellery that boast of singlehandedly spearheading innovative concepts in the past. With an experience of 35+ years in the diamond industry, and 15+ years in jewellery manufacturing we have some of the best leadership.

Our Vision

Diamondmela aims to be the premium traders of superior quality diamonds and jewellery in the global markets. We understand that it requires hard work, dedication, and a passion for excellence. Our company and people related to us are bonded by a common goal, to make our business better than the best! We have supreme reach encompassing niche global markets, and this enables us to go for collaborations; bringing to our buyers the exact diamonds they seek.

In the coming times, we want to expand and conquer the new territories, delight numerous buyers, increase our inventory, and offer our clientele more expansive choices. Not only do we want to increase the range and reach of our collection, but also make diamonds more affordable to buy in the near future. Our vision is to strike the right balance between quality and price to offer the best package for our clients.

We believe in developing long-term business relationships with our clients around the world. This is possible through our commitment to:

  • Our Customers : We will help you to get the exact stones that are precious to you
  • Our Employees We offer the most conducive environment to help you excel

We have survived the diamond-trading industry for 25+ years due to our never-say-die spirit and we want to continue this in the future too. Challenges keep us grounded so we welcome it. It helps us to unlock our potential, rediscover our capabilities, and makes the ultimate victory taste even sweeter!

Our Mission

 “Diamondmela strives to bring striking, top-of-the-line, and unique diamond collection complying with globally recognized certifications and standards to a world audience!